Saturday, June 2

Newspaper Outdoor Articles

It must be the time of year

Friday's Times newspaper had a big article on 30 Best Walks.

Then today's Times had a "Happy Camper" feature in the glossy pull out.

"Wild camping....... sleeping in the woods or finding a nice quiet hole in the middle of a moor is very spiritual, and I love being in the middle of nowhere on my own" (Lone Camper - Bill Jenman, The Times)

Then rooting around on the Times website I came across "Britain's Perfect Pitches" Not too sure I'd agree with the inclusion of Great Langdale National Trust camp site, too many thefts in peak season from what I've heard.

But all are positive articles.

And then Weird Darren has pointed out that today's Grauniad is also getting in on the idea with the "Guardian Guide To Walks" .

Hey - looks like we're becoming fashionable folks.

But I somehow think our out of the way wildamp spots are safe even with this sort of exposure. As long as there it is 45 mins away from a car park or cappuccino stop.


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