Thursday, May 31

Get Ahead, Catch Up, and A Teaser

Alan Solomon's LEJOG journey is back on the northward path once more, after completing that little saunter, the TGO Challenge (A two week walk across the wilds of Scotland - pah!)

Telephonic communications have been restored and there's multiple updates on his blog, along with some local colour; And the Queen; Courtesy of your's truly as back room boy

Meanwhile news that Judy Armstrong's Alpine Challenge has come to an end; But fear not she's decided on a different approach. More details here.

I'm intrigued to understand Judy's change of mind. Her 22 May post states "Lacking the willpower and mental strength for this walk, I have decided to change my plans and not walk around the Alps this year. I find it lonely and uncomfortable in a tent, and look forward to returning to civilisation (people!) at the end of the day. I'm not fond of lugging a 20lb pack about either"

Bearing in mind Judy's prior experience and her unquestionable commitment to this challenge those reasons, whilst undoubtedly very valid, are not something that she did not expect beforehand (see her FAQ)

Judy. If you're reading this - whatever made you amend your challenge (and it's a very brave but sensible move to say No, but always a difficult decision to question a dream) I hope you're OK and getting the right level of enjoyment out of what you are now doing. And please stay positive!
Lighthiker has a few thoughts as well.

And finally (as they say on News at Ten)..........

I'm currently in communication with an established 'name' from the formative years when Outdoor Walking/Camping blossomed in the 1970s.

We've been trading e-mails on the roles and aims of blogging & traditional print media.

During the course of the conversation I'm reminded of the debt we all owe to those that came before. Those who were instrumental in communicating the approach and gear innovations to what we now know as modern backpacking. I hope to bring you more if the person concerned is happy to let it be so. More to come. Hopefully.

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I've a lot of sympathy for her. This is wilder country, exposed and lonely. I love walking and wild camping alone but - looking back on some trips - you do wonder what would have happened if!!!!

Still, she writes very well and I'm very glad the blog is continuing. It'll be no less interesting.
Andy - agreed
and as for the "what would have happened if" I'm afraid thats something all us soloist have to be wary of, without it limiting our pleaure too much.
Perhaps thats part of the appeal
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