Wednesday, May 30

Blog readership patterns

Are you reading this on a Monday or Tuesday?

Chances are, according to my web stats, the majority of you may be.

Looking at my visitors since Jan 1st this year, 50% of you drop by on Sunday to Tuesday, with the great majority calling Monday/Tuesday. I suspect this may be the once a week readers.

But why these days I wonder? Sunday visits I can understand. Something to do as the weekend jollity starts to wind down. Hopefully a brief respite to alleviate thoughts of the dreaded Monday morning workday, a return to being surrounded by four walls.

But Mon/Tues? You can't all be reading this instead of working surely? Or are you?

Anyone care to enlighten me on this one?



I read your blog daily but this might be the exception...;-)
Could it be that mostly readers from overseas (US) read your blog monday? Because if it is monday for the UK it is still sunday in the US. Might be a partial explanation
Good point - I'd not thought of that one
I have all my blogs in google reader, so if there is a new post on any blog any day I know about it. Which means I read most blogs most days and I don't know how i find the time.
Would recommend google reader if you don't already use it :-)
My blog hasn't been going long enough to get any decent stats on that yet, but as for my website as a whole, I always get a dip on Saturdays and Sundays, no doubt because most walkers go away for the weekends.

Saturday is my worst day, Sunday is slightly better. Monday is my peak day too, and it often tails off gradually during the rest of the week.

Maybe due to walkers getting their internet fix on Monday after a weekend away? I know I'm always keen to get back to my computer after a few days away. Sad I know...
Does Google Reader alert you to new comments on posts, or just new posts?
I use google reader to, but it doesn't tell you about comments on posts as far as I can tell.

Sunday seems to be my slowest day, followed by Saturdays. But I put that down to hopefully people actually going out and walking them there hills.
Google reader can be set up for comments but not from all blogs.....
if you go to my blog and scroll down the page you will see a comment rss feed.... that can be added to google reader
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