Thursday, June 14

Flashing lights and getting help

And while I'm writing the trip up, some timely advice from Langdale/Ambleside MRT:

"Lights can 'flash' for many reasons.

A star low on the horizon can flash when observed by a slightly drunk person! Someone walking down a path after dark by the light of a headtorch can appear to be flashing their lights, as their line of sight alternates between distant to underfoot. This is a common cause of 'flashing' lights.

In determining whether the lights are 'flashing' it's worth trying to work out if they are stationary or moving up or down.

As a rule lights going uphill don't need rescuing. Lights going downhill PROBABLY don't need rescuing.

Only stationary lights probably warrant some serious study. Obviously any flashing lights accompanied by shouts for help need further investigation"

Advice courtesy of their website (8th June)

Worth knowing I thought.

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Great info there, do they say that lights going down at speed may need rescuing?

Waiting to hear your version of events from the weekend. Well looking forward actually. hand matey
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