Friday, June 15

Dear Diary - Lakes Trip June 2007

So finally to the trip report. This was written in spare moments as I wandered around, so if that means it comes across as a little over reflective or disjointed, please remember the context.

I'm a great fan of Hunter S Thompson, or Dr Gonzo as he is commonly known amongst HST fans. I'd hardly call this Gonzo Journalism, but in the spirit of trying to capture the moment I'll try to leave it largely unedited unless it's necessary for clarification.

I'll split each day up into a new post, and finally follow it up with my usually debrief on lessons learnt/tips etc.

And for the record: Pack weight when I walked back in through the door was 13kg this time around, which included a spare gas canister and some remaining food (for a change)

Hope the report gives some feeling for an enjoyable break from other people's reality.

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