Monday, April 23

Backpackers Club - Bellingham Aprl 2007

And following on from my earlier post more details about the Bellingham weekend from Peter Lumley.....

"We've had a terrific lot of support from media for next weekend. With items in Camping magazine, OE magazine, Camping and Caravanning magazine and then Country Walking, that's in addition to the TGO coverage. Today the Morning Journal (a daily) up here ran a near spread on backpacking.

Like the other lads up here, I'm over the moon at the reception we have got from the locals in Bellingham and from the official bodies such as Northumberland National park, the Forestry Commission and the One North East people who have given us all the "Passionate about backpacking" slogan to work with for the future of the movement.

We really have got wonderful opportunities now to take the backpacking message forward, all over the country. Getting a government backed agency like One North East to support us should be the catalyst for greater things.

It's so bloody exciting I could yell it from the rooftops."

And so you should Peter - a great achievement.

Unhappily for me I'm going to miss out on this year, but will be very much there in spirit. And there's a few Bloggers and one renown Podcaster already signed up to be there and eager to report.

And there's much more about the weekend and the exhibitors here.


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