Thursday, April 19

UKOB Meet June 2007 - Wildcamps

A teaser for those thinking about the June meet-up, if you've not visted these wildcamp spots before.
Friday night
The spot

The views

Saturday night
The spot

The view

And finally a curio to explore further? (best click/full screen to spot the tarn in question)

From afar....

......a jewel glitters beckoningly


Excellent pics. Rainsbarrow Tarn looks impressive - have to take care when walking the requisite distance from the water source if nature calls during the night!
Yes RT looks a bit like that - I;m still working on isolating the spot via internet pixs, but looked inriguing at the time, and ripping views towards windermere
Those look wonderful John. As a hiker, who blogs about writing, but does post about his trips (when there's time for one), do I meet the qualification for a UKOB? ;)

Makr - drop me a link to your blog and I'll soon let you know
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