Monday, April 16

National Supporters' Group for Mountain Rescue

Thanks to Outdoors Magic for the tip-off on this.

A new Mountain Resuce Team group - BaseCamp - has been set-up as a national supporters group for MRT teams across England & Wales. It's aim , to supplement local team fundraising with a national initiative based on an annual membership.

Cost is £24 for quarterly copies of MR Magazine + enamel badge + car sticker.

As someone who tries never to pass an MRT charity box without dropping some coins in, I'll be checking this one out, to bolster the regular GAYE pittance that I donate to LAMRT. I've never had cause to use the MRT services, but I have the great admiration and respect for the time and effort they put into what is primarily a voluntary organisation.

Nothing on the MRT main site as yet but I did trip over a forum which I'd not spotted before.

Ah well, yet something else to occupy my on-line time.


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