Monday, April 9

Bog Monster revisited

Well I've just read Darren's scurrilous account of today's walk which he managed to post earlier today.

Well ok, perhaps not it's too far from the truth, even if the pictures look like we were travelling at night (Lol)

It did remind me of Darren's twin loves of music and his Xbox, and the meeting of the two. Though I'm not too sure I want the mental image of him waving his plastic appliance high in the air (in the privacy of his own home of course) whilst feverishly playing with his pick. Eerr I think I got right.

But you'd better make your own mind up as to what actually happened on that fateful day.

And the aftermath for me?

A sunny day tapping my version of events (or the truth as I prefer to call it) into my Psion, whilst catching some rays. And a less than happy evening backing up my pc & then restoring to a late March version. Then restoring individual key documents, photos, Outlook Express folders etc etc.
And after 4 hours........still the same niggling little internet access problem. Bugger.

Ah well, can't have it all my own way I guess.


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