Thursday, April 5

TGO, Trail (and the Outdoor Show?)

I'd just finished off May's issue of Trail magazine when postie dropped my copy of TGO onto the doormat. So once more a comparative response due to an accident of timing.

I'd been tempted into buying Trail for the second month in a row by the cover's teaser headings, and a very quick thumb thru before purchase.

It looked good in the shop. But once more I found that I rapidly skipped through it, the chopped-up page layout making it more of a 'dip-into' style, rather than any sort of absorbing read.

But again I felt left with an unsatisfied feeling, and no real reaction to most of the articles, beyond what I've already said about sponsored articles.

The Brecon Beacons routes stuff was ok; Oh and I'll definitely cross a visit to the Dove Crag's Priest's Hole Cave off my list for several months. It wasn't the biggest secret in the Lakeland walks world, but it will attract too much attention now its been included as just another 'great night away'. This Easter weekend should be fun - lol (Just grateful that the other spots I know were overlooked. But perhaps that's why I found them in the first place and continue to use them. Not intended as elitism on my part, more my more solitary enjoyment of the fellside)

TGO was a bit more thought provoking.

For once Jim Perrin's stuff grabbed me, and I wanted to read to the end of his article.

Chris Townsend (as always) delivered the goods, with a thoughtful look at lightweight clothing systems. His point, as I took it, being more about approach to use and mix of clothing, rather than a formulaic Gear A plus Gear B plus Gear C = result. I've already used this mindset successfully last year, shaving pounds of my pack weight by losing the fleece with adding a windproof (Montane Lite-Speed - a real find)

So with both mags put aside, I suddenly realised - not one report about the NEC Outdoors Show in mid April?

Plenty of press beforehand, but no post show round-up? Perhaps the deadline dates for May's copy was too early for the show report, but it leads me to a point I've raised before about one of the roles of the (for want of a better phrase) 'new media'.

The various UK Outdoors Bloggers that attended reported on the event on the day, or within a few days.
The copy may have been at times opinionated and possibly even amateurish, but it did represent a timely man-in-the-street response to what was on offer.

Andy Howell delayed release of the multi podcast reports until earlier this week, possibly while he waited for the return of his technical support guru? (p.s. AH -is the podzine web page detail right, it seems to talk about Harrogate 2006 fair?). Check here if you want to download free of charge.

But from the mags I've read, a recognisable source used by most of the outdoor walking fraternity - nothing. (Anyone out there in magazine world care to respond?)

As I've said before, on-line media is complimentary to established publishing methodology.

But hey sometimes we bloggers do have a definite edge.

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but wasn't this the very point Cameron was making at the first ever UK Outdoors Blogger Con.
And that with the new TGO website, he was hoping that they would be able to do more of the daily updates from places like The Outdoors Show.
For me I was trying to refine what I started on another blog. And I wasn't happy with the coverage I did. But hopefully will improve on it at Harrogate (if I get in) or next years show.
In the meantime if you are around on Monday fancy meeting up in the New Forest for a walk.
It was Cameron's point exactly, but until that sort of stuff comes along the mags surely have some sort of obligation, or is it rather more advertiser related?

Mon- you've got mail matey
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