Wednesday, March 28

Och aye the Noooooooooooo

Sometimes it seems as if I can plan a trip for ages, pouring over the reference material, looking at the alternatives, and sorting out the kit.

And then sometimes there's the impulse decision. Equally as valid.

So following a quick discussion earlier in the day, I've tagged onto a small group from my own outdoors club, and just grabbed a cheap flight in July to travel up to Scotland for a long weekend. The plan - to summit Ben Nevis, and also wander along the Aonach Eagach ridge. Or more of a clamber if this is to be believed. Interesting to see how it compares to Crib Goch which I found a real hoot.

This will be my first walking trip in Scotland, and also my frst Munros after all these years (although I'm not sure the Ben 'counts', due to the tourist hotspot that it is) Usually, when travelling north, I tend to turn left at Kendal, as the Lakes are just too good to bypass. So this time I've flown over the top to avoid the allure.

The air price is comparative to the train fare to Windemere , but travelling time looks a nightmare when the Fort William train journey is added on. So the jury will remain out for the time being as to whether this is a viable alternative for me in the future when cost and time is considered.
I'll post more on this after the event for any readers in southern England who may be interested.

But at least the plans in my head are finally getting enacted. There's a degree of uncertainty going on in my life at present which means my plans for wildcamps in Dartmoor and the Lakes are likely to be more spur of the moment, and may even turn into rather more extended trips if the weather/timing looks right.

But I've finally got the spur I need to update my walking kit, starting with yet another boot refit which is getting to be a semi-annual affair these last few years.

The debit card may be about to take a bashing.


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