Monday, March 26

UK Outdoors Bloggers Meet Up

....or how to kill two birds with one stone?

Weird Darren & Stef have come up with what sounds like a reasonable idea, even if the title is a little worrying. Not too sure whether to be associated with something named the UK Outdoors Bloggers Summer Camp (like gag me with a spoon?) But I applaud the idea of a get together where we are a little less rushed than the recent meet up at the NEC, about which coincidentally Bearded Git has just posted (slowcoach!)

It might be a suitable time to consider Chris from Hike Wales idea about a UK Outdoor Bloggers forum away from our own sites, to look at where all this may go and possibly look at some guiding principles, if relevant. Or not. But at least get together to air some ideas out loud?

And possibly pull in the podcast/vidcast brigade (Or Podcast Bob as he's known to his fans)?

If up for it anyway, and we don't even need to camp in a pub garden. As long as whoever comes up with the location doesn't forget some of us live in the deep south (Durzet) or in the south east near the big city lights (Hi George)


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