Tuesday, March 20

UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007

Held spell bound by the Great Sage Blessed, the call came over the NEC tannoy - 'The UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ® is about to commence'.

Well not so much spellbound, BB mostly repeated last years anecdotes, good entertainment, but the off-the-cuff stuff only works if it's covers new ground. Still I nice guy. I hope I have half his energy at 70. Or even 50 for that matter

But a blogger must follow the story, so off to the Jennings Brewey pub, 'The Cumberland Arms' located in the middle of Hall 1.

They must have selected their landlord especially to provide the correct ambient atmosphere. After he thought we had been there long enough supping our pints, he became increasingly grumpy.

Our fault really - we thought it was a refreshment stop not a publicity campaign to try beer tasters (a first, that one) and the Jennings line in branded clothing. It's meant to be a pub for gawds sake! Serve beer. Doh! And where pray tell was the pool table that Bearded Git was looking for?

Mr Landlord showed animal cunning though. Every time we tried to take a blog photot shot of him + bloggers he ducked out of the way and made sure he kept on moving. But we are not without some cunning ways of our own Mr Landlord. Gotcha!

Despite that the beer went down well and the chat was very pleasant bearing in mind this was the first time many of us had ever spoken to each other, never mind met face to face (very daunting) and most of us got to help out with Andy's interview technique as he played with his recorder for some future podcasts. no airs and graces, just good banter. Refreshingly so. Pity no one thought to tell me about the free 'press' beer though. Gits.

Nice to see you all darren , stef 'n wife, george, andy, chris, & dave (hope I haven't left any one out there) Also bumped into cameron (esteemed TGO editor) & paddy (esteemed travel writer + newly added to my links section), but didn't get time to say more than hello to the latter.
Too surrounded by all those pesky bloggers sniffing after work I assume - lol.

In fact there was just not enough time to get round all of you so apologies to anyone I snubbed, ignored, stole beer from (I wish), or just generally defamed.

It wasn't deliberate. The last few days hardship was starting to tell.


Was sorry not to be able to join you all...but did make it to the show on the Sunday :-)
perhaps next time sally?
That's a fine pic of Mr. Grumpyarse, John, but why did you blackout the "loser" tattoo across his forehead?

Hi Sally!
Hi to you both and yes...hopefully next time
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