Thursday, March 15

UOBC2007 Roadshow – Are we nearly there yet?

Wow. What a night. They certainly know how to party in Royston Vasey.

Some local people (thanks Mr Lazarou - hope you found your mate Dave) in the RV cybercafe invited me to a little soiree before I even started to look for a B&B. With the offer of free food and entertainment it was hard to resist.

I decided to take on extra fluid to restore my body’s electrolyte equilibrium after the previous day’s exertions, but perhaps the local fruit punch had more ‘punch’ than normal?

Whatever the reason the BBQ food was surely the best I’ve tasted for many a year and courtesy of the local butcher I believe. I would have remembered to ask for the BBQ sauce recipe, but was distracted by the evening’s entertainment – a circus celebrating some sort of local tradition.

At least I think that’s what the large flaming pyres were for. Interesting to see such a innovative use of burning crosses as well. A bit like Well Dressing but without flowers. Or the Well come to think of it. Oh well.

Somewhere during the evening I must have lost track of time, and vaguely remember murmurs of appreciation wherever I appeared. At least that’s my take on the matter.

I trust THE HAT lent an air of gravitas to my stature within the community’s eyes.

After that things became a little hazy.

I came to late this morning on a moving train with no real idea of how I got here.

I just know it’s heading in the right direction, based on my calculations taken from the reading using my Timex Explorer watch and sighting on the sun when it occasionally peeks through the fogbound landscape.

I hope this blinking red light on the satellite uplink isn’t a warning that the battery pack is malfunctioning.

There’s so much to report from the
UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ® Roadshow over these next few days.

It would be a shame to suffer technical difficulties after overcoming such difficulties and covering this distance with so ……….


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