Wednesday, March 14

UOBC2007 Roadshow - Somewhere in the middle lands

The trip northward is proving quite challenging, to say the least.

After a broken night’s sleep, I decided an early dawn start was necessary. The brightening light finally enabled me to break free from the M25 ring of concrete, spotting a convenient drainage channel running below the motorway, and across to the beckoning land beyond.

Unfortunately my mode of escape was at the cost of picking up a somewhat pungent odour along the way. A bit like trying to cut around one of the Dartmoor bogs, but getting rather too intimately acquainted

A few miles later, ducking into a wash-up at a truck stop to try to reduce the increasing odour, I had my first piece of luck. A very amiable truck driver called Fancy (ex US marine apparently) offered to give me a lift north. An interesting journey but I felt at times the US/UK language barrier may have created a bit of misunderstanding.

On explaining my mission, to get to the UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ® Roadshow Fancy related his own outdoor exploits, in a place I’d not come across somewhere in the wilds of the USA.

At least thats how I interpreted it as he seemed very eager to invite me along to take a walk on the ‘Wild Side’. Somewhere in the
Appalachians possibly?

I felt things were getting a little more confused as Fancy’s conversation turned to his appreciation of films, particularly a recent blockbuster called, if I recall correctly, Bareback Mountain? When I replied that I'd never come across it Fancy muttered something about sorting that problem out. A strange comment I thought at the time. Could have been his southern accent. Who knows.

It was around then that I started to become a little more concerned as Fancy kept glancing at THE HAT, and showing an interest in, 'trying it on'. At least I think that’s what he was talking about.

By now aware of Fancy’s somewhat bulging physique, the muscles of which I could see due to his vest T shirt and shorts (it was very hot inside the truck cab), I felt the situation was becoming a little uncomfortable.

Well. The hat must get through. It has an appointment with destiny.

So with that in mind Fancy and I parted company. With some rapidity.

He even stopped the truck. What a nice chap.

And as he drove off he left me with a cheery farewell, using what I guess was a traditional US truckers farewell of '....xxxxx.xxxxxxx you limey bastard' Couldn't quite catch the first bit due to the roar of the engine.

And now I'm a little further north, but time to head west and follow the sunset.

Surely the day can only get better after the road trip so far.

So here I am.

Not too sure exactly where here is, but the signpost reads Welcome to Royston Vasey.

Hope there's some good food and a pleasant B&B after last night's sleep out.

JH, posting from Royston Vasey Internet Cafe ' Local cyberspace for local people'


You been drinking diesel fuel, John?
No. But I did spend part of the London nighttime lying in some from the feel of my clothing
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