Tuesday, March 13

UOBC2007 Roadshow - Tues 13/3 London - Later

Well there's little for me to do here in this wasteland tonight. Except study this map to try to find out how to get past the barrier that is the M25. On foot. Challenging. No Antiquet/GPS is going to help out here.

This needs a bit of lateral thinking, but I have an APPOINTMENT in the NORTH and this BLOGGER MUST GET THROUGH.

Oops - sorry for shouting there.

Too much coffee during today as I navigated through the urban sprawl that is Heathrow. Flitting from coffee shop to sandwich bar, parlaying with the local natives attempting to discover the secret to the path that leads NORTH WEST. Indeed.

The advice I was given to use beads and mirrors as a bartering tool is just not working. The local dialect is very diverse and proving difficult to follow at times. However cash rules here. Yes Sir. So I remain safe for the moment having declined the offers of a local guide, unsure of their loyalty to an outsider in this strange land.

Oh for a moment's peace from the incessant roar of planes flying overhead, and the continual whine of traffic tyres on concrete. I don't need the headtorch here in this artificial daylight from the overhead gantries.

At least I had some short respite listening to one of Podcast Bob's latest aural masterpiece: "Bob takes Andy for a walk on the wild side and makes him wait for his lunch, whilst playing with fire!"

Bob and Andy's Big Day Out

MP3 File

Sounds like fun. I hold onto the hope this blogger will find the path onwards to the Middle Lands.

Meanwhile I remain out of sight, hidden from view by this blackberry bush thicket, checking out the Bob & Cameron podcast and watching the Outdoors Magic thread discussing the issues it raises. More healthy debate on the blog/podcast 'state of the nation', from a couple of people who have clearly been considering the commercial possibilities of this media, and have the relevant background to base it on solid ground.

JH, posting from a uplink station, somewhere near Heathrow; Eyes Wide Shut?


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