Monday, March 12

Opportunity Knocks?

A strange e-mail dropped into my inbox today from 'BuzzParadise (Communication Agency)' on behalf of a French car manufacturer.

'As a part of its public relations we would like to include a group of bloggers around the world. We noticed your blog and would like to involve you in this celebration. If you accept, you will receive a package containing exclusive information as well as a special gift .....(Oooooooooo - tease me).......
If you are interested in taking part in this operation, please respond by next week by supplying us the following information for a FedEx delivery (name address etc).....
What do we expect from you? Nothing but just give your opinion to your readers & friends about the blog www.xxxx.yyyand to relay the competition.... (???).... You of course remain totally free to say whatever you want'

Not sure whether this is an extremely well constructed piece of spam/info gathering, or a legitimate invitation. Some of the language used doesn't quite sound right to me.

But in any case you'd think the title, profile and content of this blog should have excluded it on these principles alone. And then there's the non commercial nature of this blog that's already been very clearly stated.

I don't intend to reply, but I thought I'd post in case this ones doing the rounds.
Guess that means I don't get that 'special gift'. And the free car is out as well. Shucks.

Errr - any outdoor gear companies out there want fancy trying to to turn my head? (lol)

I'm Gregory from BuzzParadise.
John, we found your blog very interesting, this is the reason why we decided to contact you.
This is not a spam nor a commercial offer.
BuzzParadise is a European Word of Mouth Community.
The idea is to make people discover new stuff (movie, books, cars...), try new things (we already sent cell phone or razor for example)and then talk about it with their friends, colleagues, on their blog wether in good or bad (following what the person truly think... ).
Anyone can join the community if they like to, that as simple as that !
Hope this is more clear to you :-)
Thanks Gregory for establishing your credentials more clearly.

Not too sure you can make people discover new stuff, but I can see where the blog influence comes in.

I'll check it out a little more.

So what's the special gift then?
We, quite often, work for the launch of new products/services/movie... so I think we can really make people discover things.
Concerning "special gift", we never say it before, that's always a surprise !
That's not really a teaser, it's just the way we work, sorry :-)
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