Sunday, March 11

Lighter relief

With two new UK outdoor bloggers popping up this week I thought a wander around the net was in order this morning. After all I needed to be keeping myself busy whilst getting my weekly fix of the Archers.

I was on the look out for any others out there staying quiet, or perhaps just not that well circulated as yet, although I think the main contendors have already stepped up to the mark. And why no women blogging as yet?
(If you know something I don't, or just want some wider exposure please feel free to drop me a comment or e-mail)

During my walkabout I came across this site, which provides free material for non commercial blogs.
Both cartoons are by Dave Walker.

A reminder that it's all too easy to get caught up with this virtual reality..............

..........and it's time to get out for a walk and live the real life. Sun's out, and so am I.

My blog is about walking and other things... there are some women bloggers out there :-)
Hi Sally -i'll check it out
Errr Sally - what is your blog?
you found me in the
may be this link works....
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