Thursday, March 8

Telegram from the frontier

It's such an exciting and positive time to be part of the UK Outdoor blogging scene at the moment.

Atkoman continually stretching the bounds within his weblog trying out new ideas and fiddling with a variety of media and ideas. Checking the route out.

Londonbackpacker is stuck in the city but looking to the hills, BG! meanwhile is starting to find his blogging pace, watching the path ahead, with Mike Pitt bringing along some excellent dehydrated recipes for the trip.

Alan Sloman & I'm So Dave are out there doing it for real at the moment, walking Lands End/John 'O Groats. Reporting as they go.

Meanwhile the grandaddy (sorry AH) of them Andy Howell continues to stomp along, mixing considered opinion with his love of gear, the Pyrenees, and his new interest in the Podcast media.

And then there's Weird Darren over on
Whitespider1066. Hhmmm.

At this point the metaphor stops to have a sit down, eat a cheese sarnie and take on some water.

WD is the newshound amongst us, always got his ear to the ground. And if you pop over to
his blog you'll see he's blagged himself a spot on Outdoors Magic to provide a weekly round-up of the blog hilights.

No idea if this is going to be a regular piece, but whatever the outcome it's a hearty well done WD.

But what a task you've taken on there, to walk the thin line, and try not to offend the blogging fraternity. Well no more than usual!. Don't forget we know where you're going to be next Friday - hint hint. And don't think that Press pass will act like garlic and a crucifix where we're concerned.

And apologies to all you other Outdoor bloggers out there that I haven't name checked individually. I had to stop somewhere.

But that's upped the anti for all of us now, trying to think of something exciting each week so Darren doesn't dry up trying to get some round-up material.

Darren - what have you started?

(Serious mode)
I've said this before and it continues to surprise me, reflecting on my interaction with society as a whole both in a personal and professional capacity over many years, both solo and group orientated.

Pause and think for a moment.

When else have you come across the situation with such a disparate set of people, from varied backgrounds and ages; Most of whom have never met or spoken to each other; Geographically spread around the UK; All with distinctly individualistic styles & drives.

But with our shared enjoyment of walking/wildcamping, the seperate blogs have started to form a single voice. Mutter it softly, maybe even starting to produce something jointly far more powerful than its individual parts.

(John stifles a sob whilst practicing his acceptance speech for the next Bloggers Convention Award)

Right thats the reflective bit over.

WD - here's your own
personal link. It just don't count if you post about yourself. Well not yet. Blimey you'll be on 'I'm a bleeding celebrity' next.

Actually come to think of it that's not such a bad idea. Can you imagine Ant and Dec trying to handle all us UK Outdoor Bloggers having a whale of a time, wildcamping in the Australian outback, cooking over open fires, and living off the land.

We'd pay good money to be left alone for weeks at an end. And who's going to give A & D a light slap for trying to drag us out of there too soon?

But who would blog it?

Ah dilemmas.

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John, great piece.
Wait until you see the round up and then let me know what you think.
Newshound me!!! What can I say? It was never intended to be that way. But you see and hear things, and the next thing feature creep and the blog is more than intended.
I suppose I'll have to get used to using the term "off the record" ha ha ha ha ha ha
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