Tuesday, March 6

Bits n Bobs

Well blow me down. I miss a couple of days posts and rise up the Technoranki list 20 places.

Well I've plenty of material to post, just can't seem to get the time at present to tap it into this darned pc in a format that makes sense to anyone except me.

So a couple of quickies for now:

Crash Test Dummies?
Podcasts Bob's preview of the Outdoors Show was interesting, but was it just me hearing a slightly worrying note from a couple of the exhibitors?

There's a lot of positioning going on within the outdoor retail market, so each company is looking for the product differentiator. I can't recall from the podcast which of the manufacturer's is working on product made from recycled materials, but I'm pretty sure Brasher tried that idea a few years ago, and that one quietly faded away with the minimal of publicity. Any ideas why out there?

And as for Sprayaway's idea of incorporating electronic connectivity into clothing (push to talk; iPod) I had to question what market researcher came up with that idea.

Great for the trendy high street fashion product, but out on the hills?

As one of the products was (if memory serves) £260 for a high spec waterproof, it's not going to be cheap to find out.

But Sprayaway. What happens when it stops raining? I take the waterproof off, but still want to listen to my iPod? Got something else for me to wear instead with the same stuff? Or maybe I'll just stick with tried and test portability. Sounds a lot cheaper somehow.

Can't see this catching on.

And I've heard at least one rucksack manufacturer talk about including a solar panel on their rucksack to provide power for electronic kit/rechargers. That's going to make the kit so much lighter I'm sure. London Backpacker has some excellent thoughts on this very topic.

I guess that's what a show is for, to pop these ideas out into the real world and get proper feedback. Much better than focus groups etc.
Anyone recall the Khyam tent on their Outdoor Show stand last year, that only used walking poles. No other rigid framework that I recall?
Whatever happened to that model - no sign on their current website although theres a couple of cheapies that may have shared heritage.

Citizen Journalism
Not a term I'd come across before, but following on from the recent blog/future discussions on here I was approached to complete a questionnaire from Cardiff University re a study on citizen journalism and its impact on the journalism industry. I was more than happy to help out, and hopefully will get some feedback on the research later in 2007.

And as is my wont, it sparked some thoughts of my own about traditional v new forms of communication and the audience that receive the messages.

One to explain in detail later this week once I've finished checking my facts and figures.

And this one may challenge a few preconceptions I think. It certainly did me.

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