Saturday, March 10

Sheep Trials - Two Found 'Not Guilty'

With the recent deluge, much of the local river valleys are out of bounds with widespread flooding.

It really has to be seen to be believed just what a difference to the landscape this can make. But it's comparative.

So while I could show you the 'after' snapshot, the before is needed to really appreciate the difference.

Have to see what I can do tomorrow with a real camera rather than rely on the mobile telephone camera, handy as it may be at times.

So of to an occasional summer walking haunt of mine Avon Heath Country Park (South) near Ringwood.

A bit of a slog if truth be told around sandy well worn tracks, but the sun was shining, and I was wearing one layer of clothing less than in the past few months.

Spring is definitely sprunging.

The trouble with this particular spot is the lack of peace and quiet. It seemed like every ten minutes or so I'd bump into, or spot in the near distance, other dog walkers. Selfish I know but I do like my solitude sometimes.

In the past there's been an attempt to revamp this area into a Country Park.

It was probably once quite attractive from a touristy point of view, but the ever present pine and gorse has slowly reclaimed it's own back.

But every so often a little bit of the money that was spent pops into view. So I couldn't resist posing the dogs by this seat in the shape of a sheep.

One man and his dog(s)?


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