Friday, March 9

Coniston - Self Help and Hydro Electricity Schemes

I've largely let renewable energy ideas go their own sweet way since my intial involvement with them in the mid 70s. In those days it seemed to be based on weird Californians self publishing their own ideas on bits of old tree mulch. And sometimes they even worked.

But a mixture of the crude technology of that era and general disinterest from the public at large meant any schemes of merit were usually priced out of reach, or based on scavenging the local dump for the bits required, but returning very little real benefit.

With the global warming 'issues' being continually rammed down our throats over the last few years many of these schemes are being revisited, to assess their potential. And with the advance in solar cells, wind generating technology, and battery storage capacity many of them now have a much better return. And after all that is what drives Joe Public to go out and install these things.

But sometimes old is best, and it wasn't that long ago that wind and water power drove much of our local industry. And the remains are across the UK for all to see. Not just in select areas that lend themselves to such.

So I'm glad to see this scheme up and running and providing a spin off benefit for others.

Those who know the Consiton area will be aware of the industrial landscape here, and this is for once an attractive addition, well suited to the site, and making maximum benefit of the natural lie of the land & water source.

I'll be keeping an eye out for it next time I pass through that way.

Reminds me of the HEP scheme installed at the River Dart Country Park that I first visited in the early 1990s. Still there quietly running and providing benefit for those around.

"That's the way to do it" as I believe Mr Punch once said.


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