Tuesday, March 13

UOBC2007 Roadshow - Tues 13/3 London

Well the UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ® Roadshow has kicked off a treat.

Thanks for the guesses. They were ooooooo so close. On the right lines, but the wrong tracks.
Very punny John. Ahem

I had originally considered the new Wembley Stadium (the great poutdoors?) but the tickets were all gone.

So next thought was one of the London parks, but then there's the possible mugging risk. We provincials know what that big city is like. Oooh Arrr.

So finally onto Heathrow Airport.
Now don't laugh there at the back.

Its probably the biggest open space in London, or at least one thats the quickest to escape from back to the real world.

What a place - you can walk for miles! I know. I did. And still didn't actually manage to get anywhere today.

Great jumping off spot though. Bugger the plane flights. I usually blag a free lift in, sling the pack over my shoulder and walk off to the Heathrow tube, and onto Euston for the rail trip northwards to the Lakes.
No parking costs. Plenty of eateries (some of which I can even afford to use) and all in the dry.

But today I was running in the hat for Friday's meet (and I'm sure you've worked that location out already)

Saturday will be a bit more of a challenge. But think 'transport' alongside yesterday's clue.

And to T who managed to spot me today and said Hi. Well done. If you manage to read this post in the next few days, send me a smiley. I thought your interesting way of presenting cheese for a mouth watering munch is a definite winner. Mmmmm, Wensleydale anyone?

JH, posting from 3rd internet terminal along, Level 1, Quadrant A Heathrow;
Tonight we camp under the flightpath. Tomorrow on to the great northern wastelands.


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