Tuesday, March 13

..........and there's more

..........more that is of newly spotted UK Outdoor Bloggers. Must be the sun bringing them out in their fine plumage.

Ladies first,.........we have Sally In Norfolk or 'Twitterings of a Twitterer'.

Xmas Day 2006. Sally peeked inside her stockings to find a bona fide website all for her very own. And she's been blogging ever since. A variety of stuff on here, not specifically walking, but worth popping over and deciding for yourself. Can't work out how she managed to get so many comments from her very first post. What she's got that I'm missing? Answers in a S.A.E. please to the usual place.

Then there's Big Galloot "I'm a hillwalker. Or at least I was until my Mojo deserted me. Maybe I just over-did it and scunnered myself? Whatever. The point is, my Mojo is coming back and this Blog is going to help me. No really, it is"

I'd take a look at the last place you'd expect to look BG (yikes - another BG!)
Early days on this one, so worth watching.


Thanks for the mention... :-)
no problem
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