Monday, March 12

UOBC2007 Roadshow......Venues confirmed

Now confirmed ............the following locations for the UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ® Roadshow

Tues 13/3 London
Thu 15/3 Bournemouth
Fri 16/3 NEC Birmingham
Sat 17/3 Oxford
Sun 18/3 London

Spot the hat (not Spot the dog - eer no best leave that one alone)
And here's the catch.
Think of it as a bit of Da Vinci Code/Treasure Hunt or possibly Where's Wally? (Waldo for those US readers)
No precise venue will be given for any of the locations. But it will be an outdoor related activity that is unique to that area, and the event will take place for a minimum of 2 hours.
To give you an obvious clue - the Brum one will be 'The Outdoor Show', which is the main event on at the NEC on 16/3.
Now that was the easy one. Think I was going to give it all away so easily? Let's see how you fare with the rest.
Oh ok - here's a teaser ......Oxford will involve an overnight stop. Blimey that's almost given it away now!
Clues may be provided on request. But not to Africans with dubious offers concerning large sums of untraceable money. Had enough of those to last me some considerable time.
More clues to be posted later in the week. Maybe.


I never fully got my head around the Da Vinci code :-( so I`m lost, any clues :-)
oooooooooooo whats the london clue i like guessing games
Hmmn - lets see now........
London - if you want to travel anywhere exotic, you'd start from here. and it's always a long walk whichever way you want to go, but usually very dry.

kings cross?
Soooooooo very nearly. You're even in the right sort of area, functionally but not geographically.
better see tonites post ;-)
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