Thursday, March 15

UOBC2007 Roadshow – Thu: Later still

Finally arrived. A long trip and interesting on a number of levels. I moved in after dark and am now bivvied up, rough camping in ditch within the NEC grounds.

But things may have taken a nasty turn.

I'm forced to adopt a discrete dawn approach, after I earlier discovered a possible plan to disrupt the official opening.

The bloggers network has intelligence that there is an infiltrator masquerading as a member of the press.
(Code Name WD? - still trying to figure this one out)

Surely this could never happen in real life? The show must go on!

Surveillance is seeking a single white caucasian male, mobile, possibly riding a bicycle (?) who may try to influence proceedings by riding into the crowd gathered for the opening ceremony. Unbelievable as it sounds, but the source is good.

Question is can I get to him, so the show opens without incident?

Life is a cabaret. Err perhaps not quite the line I had in mind.

Sorry the mind is rambling after lack of sleep during the last few days on the road. I think that this may be my last chance to post for a few days if these technical problems carry on.

So before the Convention finally kicks off there's one vital point to get across and tha………..


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