Tuesday, March 20

UOBC2007 Roadshow - Sun

...........the Roadshow finally came to a timely conclusion at Heathrow. A return visit.

Snapshots from the day................

1. Travelling into the early morning sun, down the 4 lane M40, watching 2 cars tail gate each other in the fast lane, on an otherwise car free road.
Eeerr- why? Old habits die hard then?

2. Listening to repeated security announcements about not leaving luggage, bomb threats, disposal by security staff etc etc.

So muggins here spots a bag left behind a pillar, outside the entrance. Quick glance inside - a box. Hmm. Run!Where's all the security I've been spotting moving on any car that dares draw up kerbside? Not a sign.

Inside - first Heathrow employee I meet has difficulty understanding my dialect. English. I finally give up when she keeps saying "you want information?" Err no m'dear. I may have found a bomb? so they probably want information from me?

Finally found 4 Heathrow staff mosying past and pointed out the suspect package (I think that's the vernacular thats in mode at present) To their credit they approached, carefully checked, and then send one of their number to get the right sort of help.

Pity the police car that drove past wasn't interested in being flagged down.

No idea what happened in the end. Almost certainly a false alarm, but as one who lived in the Midlands during the 1970s IRA bombing campaign, I know what can happen in supposed safe surroundings. I saw the results.

Hopefully it wasn't part of a plot to discredit your humble blogger. Even I draw the line somewhere.

So the roadshow ends on a bum note. Better than with a bang.


JH, posting from underneath the quilt, hiding in the nuclear fall out shelter for the next few days;


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