Wednesday, March 21

LEJOG Project Walk Blog

This one comes courtesy of a posting from Stef over on Bearded Git. He's been contacted about a new blog site set up by Josh who is just about to hit his 17th birthday and has an ambition to fulfil.

"I am planning to walk from the Southern-most point (Lands End) to the Northern-most point (John O'Groats) of Britain over 6 Weeks next year. I want to find 2 people to accompany me on this great journey that is being recorded and posted on the 'Walk-Project' website that will be set up soon. It is all for charity....."

Looking at his plan to cover the distance in six weeks, it's a big ambition. Possibly a little over enthusiastic?
A video diary is on the cards as well. This boy has some interesting ideas.

Not too sure where this one is going to go, but if there's anyone out there who is interested please go and take a looksee.


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