Tuesday, March 27

More UK Outdoor Blogging& a new forum

Apologies to 'Ali and Lay's Mountaineering' blog. I thought I'd mentioned it earlier, but after adding a link to my sidebar earlier today, I couldn't find my post (Memo to self - must ensure definition of reality/fantasy is more closely followed)

Their blog is not just about hill walking, and I was initally wary of adding it on, not because of the content (which is excellent) but more an appreciation that some of you out there may be getting blogger overdose at present, even with use of RSS feeders etc (is RSS worth an update on timesaving? Let me know if so)

I'm starting to filter referral links to blogs/sites that are hillwalking/wildcamping specific, despite there being many excellent sites that could possibly go on there.

What swung it for me on this blog was the piece on Tryfan, which had me nodding as I read, despite only ever getting half way up that particular hill a few years ago. The emotions expressed in the piece was right on the nose IMHO.

Ali (or is it Lay?) has also kindly taken on the work to create a forum for the active UK Outdoor Bloggers without any duress or prompting. Another trait so typical of the folk involved in these ventures at present. Giving something back without asking how much.

So now we can quietly get on with the 'state of the nation' type stuff over there, leaving our individual blog content to get back to being a bit more individualistic. (Was that a word? Well it is now! Wow what a rebel - lol)

Thanks Ali/Lay - nicely done. Let's see how it goes.

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Well John...you already have a RSS feed. Remember my posting about outdoor info overload? I did search the web to find a RSS solution for those sites who don't have any and found one. I'm gonna post my findings tomorrow. In the meantime your RSS-Feed is:
I know I've got one Roman, I use them all the time! Beinteresting to see what you've come up with
O.k. you know you have a RSS feed but I simply overlooked it on your site because I couldn't find a specific RSS link/button on your blog which allowed me to subscribe.
And to answer your original question RSS feeds saved me quite a bit of time not to loose track what is going on in all those forums, blogs etc.
Gotcha - I need to sort out the RSS link to make it easier to select for the reader
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