Thursday, March 29

Poll results

Its been just over a month since I posted the Poll, so time for the results

Of 20 responses 16 (80%) are aged 30+, with 9 (45%) over 40.
So thats predominantly a more mature readership, but what happened to the 50+ age group? Perhaps they're all shy (lol)

It's only intended as a bit of light fun really, as like comments, only a small percentage of readers will ever choose to interact. But an interesting result all the same.
Thinking it through I guess the feedback may support what I'd already suspected, that most of those with a serious outdoor walk/wildcamp interest come to it once the distractions of younger years have receeded. Or they're all far too busy out there doing it for themselves, rather than sat on the internet.
Over the weekend I'll have a ponder about deleting the poll, or possibly try a new question for the coming month.
And that should be it for the techie stuff, back to the outdoors before I become fused to this keyboard!


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