Saturday, April 7

I met this bloke from off the Internet......

'Bye', I shouted to her indoors, 'I'm off to meet someone I've met on the Internet'

Dead quiet. Mental rewind. What did I say? ..... ah ha. Perhaps that might have come across all wrong?

Some vague warning signals from old tabloid stories about the dangers of these type of meet-ups.

Let's try that again. Quickly.

'It's someone who reads my blog so we're comparing things.'

The atmosphere around JH Towers thickens considerably. Empires rise, flourish and crumble. Time hangs motionless on the outcome of the next few moments.

A response from above. 'Is it a man or woman?' Homing in like a laser guided missile, straight to the target. Merciless accuracy.

'Its a bloke' (Have I nailed it? Needs a bit more to make the case)

'Called Jon' (on a roll - go for it)

'Jon the one who comments anonymously .......' Bugger. Blown it bigtime. I can almost hear the shriek as the rockets start their descent towards me.

'So if HE'S anonymous. And you've never met HIM. How do you know HE is a HIM at all?'

Faultless logic. This woman was turned down by the Jesuits as being beyond their pathetic training abilities.

Plan B. The fallback position. Fight or Flight. 'Mumble, mumble .....byeee''. I leg it. At the double.

It's difficult to make a wheel spinning escape when you drive a diesel estate, and have to wait to load up two collies. But try to colour in your own picture with the crayons provided.

Jon turned out to be a friendly guy, a fellow member of the Backpackers Club and far more active with the local group than myself. We traded routes, contacts and gear tips over a coffee in the Saturday sunshine whilst the tourists slowly saturated the tea room gardens salivating at the thought of their lunchtime repast.

We moved off, walking together for a short while along the quieter less travelled tracks, before parting to go to our separate destinations.

And that's my idea of what life is about.

Meeting folk with common interests. Pleasant times. Parting to possibly meet again. Fresh ideas. New outlooks. Shared enjoyments.

Sunshine optional. We can always bring that with us.

Nice to meet you Jon and hope the knee gets sorted soon. And I've still no idea why you read this, but then I never thought to ask. Tsk. Shame on me, I'll have to bring a questionnaire along next time.

On the way back I passed these freshly headed reeds, growing in an old drainage ditch, caught between forest track, and forest edge.

The reed bed shouldn't really be there. But nobody has thought to tell the reeds. So they just keep on renewing themselves each year. A bit like people really. Growing despite our surroundings at times.

Good to meet you as well John, our paths are sure to cross again sometime.

I found the shelters easy enough following your directions. The first one certainly looks maintained as the string looked quite new.

I also saw something I have never seen before - a white deer leading a herd, up on Holmsley Ridge.

As to why I read this and other Blogs, I've got to have something to do at work all day :)

The white deer is not that often seen so you were quite lucky.

And considering it was a Bank Holiday, I'd make that very very lucky.

Usually with the extra ground traffic they'd just go into the nearest thicket for the day
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