Tuesday, April 10

Isn't the internet wonderful

.......or at least when it works it can be.

After many hours of head scratching and a logical breakdown of the problem by component, I'm back up and running at 100% again.

It seems us ex-NTL broadband customers are now the proud users of a proxy server. In the past NTL didn't recommend the use of these, and when I had tried them, the IP adresses would change without notice. So in the end I packed it up. Well that was in the dial-up and low speed broadband era.

Still doesn't explain why the Win 98 pc in the house works, and this XP one didn't. That's the next bit of the jigsaw to check out.

So forgive me whilst I now go quietly mad for the rest of the evening, and omit to post anything that requires thought.

Just dribbling quietly whilst rocking to and fro in a corner should do it for a couple of hours.


If the 98 one works but the XP one doesn't it can't be a proxy issue - must be something up with the XP computer or the way the network is setup.

Good luck with fixing it :)
but the proxy is on the XP now, and it works. So i'll keep my head low and see what happens next
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