Wednesday, April 18

New UK Outdoor Blogs

A positive cornucopia of new blogs to feature today, which I picked up as a thread on the uk.rec.walking newsgroup.

Truth to tell , since I discovered the OutdoorsMagic forum I rarely check this newsgroup these days, as except for a few faithful/sensible folk on there the thing was all too easily hijacked by spam, trolls or to be honest nit-picking stayabeds. Whereas OM is nicely moderated to the extent you'd not even know it was happening. And all the posters are so very, very, very nice indeed.

Right - so what about these blogs then?

I've list them here, and will update the links list later.

Dave of Walk Eryri fame has started up a seperate blog, imaginatively (lol) called Dave's Walk Eryri Blog 'A Blog about Walking and stuff in Snowdonia/Eryri'.

Recent post content includes tarp, bivvy and a pepsi can stove, so I know there's at least a handful of regular visitors to this site already shot off to see what Dave's getting up to.

Next up

And judging by some of the walking localities involved (Malverns/Church Stretton) I've just lost Andy Howell again, that's if he ever got back after checking Dave's blog. Here's the RSS link.

At this point I got a bit confused because I thought Paul was part way through a site transfer, but where I thought it was all going to (walkingwithwilliams) looks like a work in progress at the present. So one to possibly bookmark for the future? (Best of luck with all that work Paul, whichever way round it should be)

(18/7- Edited to correct the site move which whas now taken place)

And finally the 'villain' who started the URW thread off, Paul Saunders of the Wilderness Wales site. If he does follow through on his suggestion to get blogging, I can only hope its to the the exacting standards that he already admirably demonstrates on his website. I bookmarked this one years ago, and its remained prime source material for any Welsh trip planning.

Phew. That should keep you busy for a bit. So please enjoy and spread the word if you feel it's deserved.
Perhaps once the TGO Challenge reports are out of the way it could be time to take stock of the UK Outdoor Blogs once more (surely numbering more than 20 by now?)


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