Tuesday, April 17

When is it right to blog?

Roman over on Lighthiker's World is considering when is it right to blog, and to what depth. Darren over on Whitespider1066 has picked up the thread, and added his view from the perspective of a TGO entrant, connected with a variety of newer technology.

This returns to one of my navel-gathering exercise along the lines of 'what is this new media called Blogging'? So I thought I'd add my pennyworth reproducing my comment left on Lighthiker's post.
(This sort of wholesale reproduction is not something I'd normally go in for, but it's late, I'm knackered, so tonight I wimp out)

'I go for the 'after the fact' blog, once the whole trip has had a chance to sink in. A broad overview is ok, but one of the reasons I blog is to pull out the special bits, and they don't always happen on the hill.

They're the bits worth sharing.

Blog-on-the-go has the same appeal for me as video cameras; It tends to result in removing myself from the experience, which is not what I want at all. It works for some people, but not for me.

As for the TGO blogging. It will be interesting to see what depth and entertainment value they produce this time around, and how many blogs continue afterwards.

But I don't mean that to detract from the people who will blog about it - all power to them for attempting it'

Night Night all.


I agree John. When I'm in the hills - and certainly on a longish hike - I just like to soak up the atmosphere and think about the world around me. I carry a notebook and will make an entry every evening. And then, of course, I have my camera.

That just about feel right to me. When I write up a trip report I've thought about it and reflected on things.

The instant stuff is quite good fun but you do need time and skill to pull it off consistently.
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