Wednesday, April 18

Fellwalking - A Definition for our times?

I came across this in a book preface published in 1973 by a well known outdoor writer, based on their many years experience. It struck me as a good reminder of what I prefer to do, rather than what I sometimes actually get caught up into i.e Sucked into the peak bagging/tick list game.

"Fellwalking. It is not a game, not a sport, not a competing with others, but a pastime : a simple way of spending leisure hours alone or in the company of kindred beings that has as its aim merely the study of nature in some form or other : flora or fauna; geology, the lie of the land ; or of sites of antiquarian interest on the hills : old mine workings, relics of former civilisations, ancient settlements. All harmless pursuits, all instructive."

Any idea as to the author/book?


!973. Wainwright?

Mind you it has a Chris Townsend feel to it but 1973 is surely too early. Cameron?
I'll have to take your first answer.
Luckily for you
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