Tuesday, July 17

Never rub another man's rhubarb

Here's Johnny
Yes, back from the north, with a notebook of scribblings, some lacklustre photos, and mildly damp gear now drying out.

But no snowballs, I left those behind on Ben Nevis.

(Bet you can hardly wait for the trip report with that sort of teaser)

But first I need to catch up with goings on whilst I've been out, and sort out the order for my new Alpkit bivvi bag at £25. Got to be worth a trial at that price.
No link though, to be fair to those who've already been waiting for it's arrival, but may not have had the chance to get their order sorted as yet. I'm sure you can find it if you really want to though.

Suffice to say the trip was interesting in the variety of travel used, the exposure to the Western Highlands walking, and the approach of the SYHA compared to it's English counterpart.

Once I've sorted it into some sort of continuity they'll be more to follow during the next couple of days.

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welcome back safe and sound to civilisation ;)

ordered my Alpkit Hunka today (see my blog) and it only cost me a tenner after using my gift certificate.
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