Thursday, July 5

Camping Hip-pack Competition -Tada!

Back in June I gave a promise, which inadvertently I seem to have overlooked.

Weird Darren's post today reminded me of this, which has prompted me to get my act together. I'm just putting the fine touches to the guidelines so that I can officially kick the whole thing off this weekend with an brief explanation of what it's all about, and what's in it for you.

With the somewhat inclement weather with us at present I've decided to extend the period over which it will take place, to take advantage of the Autumn heatwave (Which at this rate might be all we've got to look forward to if the weather men and the press groupies keep up their 'harbinger of doom' forecasts)

And despite the rumours to the contrary entry won't be via a premium rate phone line.

It's all free. And intended as fun.


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