Saturday, June 23

Camping Hip-pack Competition - The countdown starts

Back in April I did some out loud thinking about a fun competition to find the most successful outdoor use of the smallest bag & lightest load for successfully completing a single wildcamp over night.
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Well a kind sponsor has provided a prize. And with the realisation that July is almost upon us with the warm days of summer imminent I'd better get off my bum and get this going before another set of trip planning gets in the way.

So here's the draft rules Any comments on them would be appreciated.

The competition proper will be opened on 1st July when I'll post a suitably appropriate press release to the assembled paparazzi outside JH Tower. Just before I let the dogs loose on the unruly curs once they've served their purpose in releasing the monumental news to the world press; And then wait for the bidding war to hot up from OK & Hello magazines.

So if you're interested better get your name in now.


well iam down to a 30 litre kimmlite sac for a weekend 2 night trip with food and water.though ive not tried it out yet
I was aiming at more like the 4-6 litre for a night Mike.

Now there's a challenge - lol
iam working on it i have a old gregory pack which the lid comes off and forms a hip belt.ive used itfor day i just have to whittle away at my kit and get some decent weather
decent weather -there's the quandry. And after all the heatwave the newspapers warned us about in spring!
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