Thursday, June 21

UK Outdoors Blog Round-up

For those of you who wanted a quick summary of outdoor blog highlights (or low lights - take your pick) it was hosted initially on the Outdoors Magic website.

But following some issues with the approach taken over there, its been languishing over the past month or so.

Podcast Bob has kindly stepped in to offer it room on his pod & vidcast site The Outdoors Station, which is now receiving more of his high quality content following the the TGO Forum's decision to host their own offering and go it alone.

You can find a weekly round-up HERE courtesy of Weird Darren (aka Waterloo Station Gents; 3rd cubicle onthe left; Behind the cistern, - all gifts gratefully received)

Only joking folks.

All content on the site is free and gratis.

And thanks Darren for doing the hard work with pulling the compilation together.
(also added to the links)

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