Sunday, June 17

Dear Diary:Tuesday June 12th (16:00)

For an hour the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and I was able to sit and watch the incredible view, and have a proper scout around the area.

The view north over Derwentwater

The Castle Crag Memorial

View southwards up the Borrowdale valley

There's a lot to be said for picking the view rather than the peak, especially in poor weather, when the lower peaks provide much more entertainment.

For such a quick ascent, this is one Wainwright that quickly gives maximum reward, despite the almost continual stream of soaked to the skin visitors during the day. True many didn't stay long but it was nice to sit in the dry, hot brew in hand and wave Hi to them as they dripped off again.

Not a normal wildcamp spot I'd grant you, but every so often its good to try something different. But not one I'd be tempted to try in the holiday season, or at weekends though. Far too busy.

The old quarry with the strange uprights all over the place

The few south from the quarry

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