Sunday, June 17

Dear Diary:Sunday June 10th (p.m)

Grasmere YHA for a rest day. A cooling shower to wash off the salty sweat and check for ticks and clear all the midge bites up (and what a lot of those there have been this time around)

"We're full" comes the response at the YHA reception. What? Thoughts of the shower fast disappearing. "Yep - and so is the other Grasmere YHA".

Bugger. Time for some rapid replanning

Hopping the local bus network I worked my way down to Coniston via the Ambleside interchange, always a good spot to make cross Lakeland bus connections, and for food restocking in the gaps between bus timetables.

The steep haul up the tarmac road from Coniston up onto the Walna Scar Road was most unwelcome in the hot weather, but once through the Walna Scar car park the track flattened out with plenty of grassy resting spots to look at the changing view as I worked my way around the foot of the Old Man towards Blind Tarn, hidden away under Dow Crag.

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