Wednesday, June 20

Faster travel link to the Lake District?

On my recent Lakes trip, as is my habit, I sat down with the week's copy of the local paper The Westmorland Gazette

Its a great example of what a local newspaper used to be. Focused on news in and around the the locality, and its impact on those who live in there rather than just a hook to bring in advertising income. Not that the WG doesn't carry that sort of stuff but it's a lot more low key and nicely related to the community's agricultural and outdoor readership, rather than just the townies.

Not an easy path to tread these days and still stay commercially viable but this newspaper does it admirably.

One item caught my eye.

As of 2009 the Euston/Oxenholme rail link will be 45 minutes quicker, with the quickest service at 2 hours 34 mins. As the time quote for London to Birmingham is around 2 hours that means Birmingham New Street station may be 45 minutes or so away from the Lakes, so that long weekend away is starting to very attractive.

It might even tempt me to vary my usual route (Bournemouth-Oxenholme via Birmingham) and travel via London instead. Not a huge saving in time but the Euston train is a more regular service, and there's better deals on the cost. At the moment the timing and cost benefits are negligible.

Plus I also have time at the London changeover for a bit of outdoor shop mooching near Waterloo if I so feel the urge.

I bet I still spend an hour at Oxenholme waiting for the connection though. But that's my next challenge. To work out a viable bus/walk alternative, especially if I can hop the 555 Ambleside/Keswick service further down the route.

Good news for us southerners, but possibly another bump up in the Lakeland house prices with the reduced commuting time?

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Wow, 45 mins from Brum would be amazing, though I think optimistic!! How long does it currently take you from Bournemouth? I ask as I used to live in Charminster, and was considering moving back down south, but felt it was too far from the hills. Mind, close to the South West Coast Path.
B'mth to Oxemholme is about 6 hours.

The SWCFP sort of gets a bit monotonous after a while, but there's alwatys Dartmoor 90 mins by car. Pity the rail link there is naff
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