Saturday, June 23

Photo opportunity - just say Cheese?

I'm not someone who would ever consider my camera snapshots as being anything more than just for my own pleasure really.

As a rule they provide a great way to track trips and routes, reminders of times past, and ideas for times to come. But I've never really had the eye, or the equipment, for that Colin Prior moment.

Far too left brain, reinforced by my profession over many years.

I did try to get involved in painting using water colours a few years ago, which taught me far more about how to really LOOK at things, to watch dark/light and better appreciate contrast. But at my advancing years I just have to accept my artistic streak, as much as I'd like to have one, just isn't in my make up.

I can appreciate it in others. But my strength is in words rather than pictures.

However the Lakes District Guide has just announced their 2007 photo competition to quote their site "winner's prize of £500 and two runners-ups' prizes of £250......the photos may be of landscapes, people, places, activities, or indeed anything else associated with the Lake District"

And browsing over some of the 2006 entries I thought - 'I could do that'.

So I have. And you can to if you fell the urge (Especially you Stef)

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