Sunday, July 1

Blogger Burn-out? Surely not

As this blog approaches it's first birthday later this month, I find a natural inclination to review what I've achieved so far, and more importantly consider how to improve the site's raison d'être, and maintain my own interest in continuing to regularly post, despite the pressures of real-life.

I understand that not everyone is a fan of the blogging approach. Many just cannot see the point. A fair opinion, which has a simple answer. This method of communication is probably not for you.

Personally as long as I manage to inform, hopefully entertaining along the way, and prompt some thoughts on the UK Outdoor scene & the way we each approach it, then I hope to be adding something positive to the ongoing conversation.

From one specific point of view. Mine. Selfish, but hey that's blogs for you. They are personal, unlike Forums where other's sensibilities need to be carefully considered at times.

Along the way I hope my wordsmithying skills are slowly improving. Another interest on my part at present.

During the past year I've come n for some personal thanks, and some personal attacks, but on the whole its been a positive experience, especially when meeting up with like minded wildcampers as happened recently in the Lakes. Without this blog, and my part in that burgeoning community, that would never have happened.

I like to think I've helped some folk along the way, and that's value enough to keep things going.

So for that alone I'd regard this "experiment" as a success.

So a timely post from one of my regular reads Daily Blog Tips reminding us Bloggers of the need to continue to learn and experiment:
" of the reasons that bloggers burn out......They think they have an unlimited amount of content just waiting to burst from their brain. They get comfortable. Then they start to run out of juice"

Blogging is a Continuous Learning Exercise

No doubt other reflections over the next couple of weeks. Or not. Who knows?

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Hi John

Don't give up on the blog - absolutely essential reading - even when I was in the middle of bugger all in Mamba Country, if I had a signal I owuld be tuning into the blog.

And tremendous thanks for helping me with my own blog with the pictures and filling in when i was unable to post!

A true shiny star.
happy to help Alan
Hey John, I'd just like to give your blog the thumbs up. I haven't read or commented as much as I'd like yet, but what I've read so far I've enjoyed. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the positve thoughts Paul
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