Sunday, July 1

Trail Challenge over & Keswick's George Fisher sold

It's interesting how one thing can lead to another, and another, and ... etc etc

I was checking the progress of the Trail Magazine Academy trio. Sarah writes: "The Trail thing is now officially over, and looking at the write up of the last expedition in the magazine, I’m quite glad I didn’t go. Looks like they walked a long way carrying a lot of kit and had a very uncomfortable night. I love the outdoors, and I enjoy camping, but I don’t believe in making things even more difficult for yourself! It’s a shame it’s over, and I appear to be the one who got the least out of it, but such is life"

Whatever Trail's intentions on the exercise it looks like some of the backpacking ethos & practice possibly didn't rub off in quite the way it was intended.

And as for the other two guinea pigs. Emma had a proposal of marriage, and Sian found out she was nearly pregnant, for a short while. It all seems to happen on these Trail programs doesn't it!

But they all seemed to have enjoyed the experience, and thanks to Sarah's blog for the tip off concerning the new Trail Gear Blog, which coincidentally appeared to to have hit the web around the time the repackaged TGO Forum/Blogsite was rolled out. Is that's what's called a spoiler in the press trade? Surely not.

As I was checking the links for this post I spotted this piece of recent news concerning the takeover of the highly regarded George Fisher shop in Keswick by the Tiso Group. Trail's news report is here.

Normally this sort of news would have appeared on the outdoor forums, but not a sniff that I've spotted so far. And nothing on GF's own site either (So does that count as a blogger scoop WD?)

As to the news, one commenter has positive comments on Tiso in Edinburgh(Tiso is largely unknown south of the Scottish border) so hopefully GF's excellent service and stocking policy will continue into the future.
And of course the web cam.

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If it is a blogger scoop then it is Trail's surely?
But been following that RSS feed since it started. You are slow John ^__^
I'll put it down to all this playing around with new kit, and fixing old stuff ^_^

In the meantime off to ignore OM again ;)
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