Tuesday, July 10

Getting ready for yet another trip

Meanwhile its back to the packing for me.

Ive a trip to Scotland's West Highlands later this week via train/plane/train/coach /bus etc. Public transport all the way, although the plane doesn't really count I know.

Of course they'll be a post trip report, but the interest on this one is the viability of taking shortish walking breaks in Scotland if you live on the south coast, and not near the London sprawl.

At present it's starting to feel rather an over organised event, rather than my usual 'step off the train and go' affair. And the original budget fly costs are rapidly expanding as the little extras start to mount up.

But more to come presently.

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It's certainly possible John, but as you say it required a certain amount of organisation. Scotland always requires some organisation!

Anyhow, you'll have a great time. Where are you starting to walk?
Andy- Fort William, then the West Highland Way down to Kinlochleven, before girding my loins ready for the Aonach Eagoch ridge on Sun, weather permitting.
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