Tuesday, July 10

August Trail items

A couple of quick highlights after just finishing August's copy of Trail Magazine.

Again loads of content, but it tends to dissipate when looking for real detail , or perhaps that's just me expecting too much insight from what is a general outdoor readership mag after all.

An interesting wildcamping article, a little spoilt by 3 up in a tent. I could see the idea behind the article to persuade more women to enjoy the experience, but not the ideal way to be introduced to the concept of "carry light, travel far"
.......first get your great big heavy three (wo)man tent ..............you get the idea.

But to the things that caught my eye:

There's a link to courses run by the Institute of Public Rights of Way, to help manage rights of way issues. I adopted several local footpaths myself many years ago, the premise being walk them regularly to keep legal access rights fresh, and report back on obstructions. I also kept the way marking up, a constant challenge where path and housing estates converge.

On the whole the experience has been positive, although the approach of individual councils tends to vary dependant on their attitude, the location, and more importantly their available budget.

Yet another good reason for some local walking though.

Secondly a quick heads up ..........
If you happen to be planning a camp outdoors 23 July then look to the night sky when the Perseids meteor shower starts, for about a month. Peak time is supposed to be the 12th August, when I know one group of bloggers in particular will hopefully be away from all light pollution, looking to the sky.

One for the diary. Let's hope the weather accommodates accordingly.


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