Wednesday, July 11

No More Heroes Anymore? Risks and the Ridiculous

"A full-scale rescue operation was launched after seven college students on a night-time orienteering trek became worried by a herd of cows .......... They contacted the centre when they came across the field of cows and coastguard, police and ambulance crews were sent to the scene, a Hertfordshire County Council spokeswoman said........No-one was injured but one teenager who complained of feeling cold was taken to hospital to be checked over by medical staff"
BBC News 10th July

The dangerous area in question? Swanage.

The weather? Warm and dry from what I remember 20 miles or so down the coast.

And we wonder why some young people get drawn to tombstoning.

In a word of choices some of the risk assessment, and self initiative seems to have gone slightly ga-ga.


Hello John
Good luck in Scotland - I'm so envious! Your report about the cow danger creased me up. Good God, what next? Let's just wrap up our young things in cotton wool from birth and be done with it. (I must admit, cows don't bother me - or sheep - but don't they look at you funny? I've had a couple of horses running at me at a huge speed of knots though. Almost as frightening as descending the wrong scree slope off Glyder Fawr in the mist...) As Dylan said in "Tombstone Blues", "The sun's not yellow, it's chicken"
"Walk softly, and carry a pocket full of big stones" ....or some such advice always worked for me

Cows/horses that is, not the Scots.

Mind you .........

If the Ben is dire go up the Glen Nevis gorge to the An Steall waterfall for a good Zen moment or two. And no domestic animals in sight!
cheers for the tip
I know it seems amusing, but I was chased across a field by a herd of cows once! I know they're dumb and maybe they were only being friendly, but apparently they can cause some damage. They are pretty big after all.

Having said that, I later went to live on a farm where I was surrounded by fields of young bulls. It got to the point that I could scare them just by looking at them in a certain way! I had to, just to drive my car out in the morning!

As for stones, that was the owner of the farm's favourite method of telling any hungry cow that broke through the fence to sample the delights of the vegetable patch to F off!

Mind you, stones and cows, it's like water off a duck's back, it usually takes a bit more than that to get the point across, like running and shouting at them!

They're wimps really. :-)
Just done a quick google & "dangerous cows" produced 1980 entries but "friendly cows" 2680. So I think that settles the matter. I crossed a field with a bull in it on the Dales Way between Kettlewell & Buckden a while ago. Passed close by it, thanking the water spirits of the Wharfe that my sac was green not red - but it just seemed disinterested. (John, googling "dangerous Scots" produced only 25 whereas "friendly Scots" a healthy 943. So you're all right there...)
Oh they pretend to be friendly, but when you turn your back, that's when they sneak up I bet
Are we talking Robert the Bruce or Daisy the Cow here? Mmmm... fancy a bit of nice Scotch beef for supper tonite...
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