Monday, July 23

Steve Perry’s 10x10 Challenge is over

News from a thread on the Outdoors Magic site …….. in case you hadn’t already spotted it.

Steve Perry’s 10x10 Challenge has ground to an unfortunate halt just after the half way mark

”Travelling from the Lyke Wake Walk to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks last night, Steve and his support driver Don were involved a car crash outside Skipton. Non of their injuries are serious but the 10x10 challenge is over. They'll be more info soon”

Steve had already achieved something way beyond the capability of many of us. Here's his
challenge schedule: Staring 20/7 - 10 challenges in 10 days.

1. The Welsh 3,000ers 45km/28miles - 3650m/12,000ft
2. The Derwent Watershed 63km/39miles - 1700m/5,600ft
3. The Lakeland 4 x 3000ft Challenge 77km/48miles - 3050m/10,000ft
4. The Yorkshire 3 Peaks 37km /23miles - 1400m/4,600ft
5. The Lyke Wake Walk 63km/39miles - 1520m/5,000ft
6. Naismith's Walk (variation) aka The Glencoe Horseshoe 28km/18miles - 3050m/10,000ft
7. The Mamores 30km/19miles - 3390m/11,120ft
8. Ben Nevis, The Aonachs and The Grey Corries 35km/22miles - 2750m/9020ft
9. The Cairngorm 4,000ers 35km/21.5miles - 2347m/7,700ft
10. The Cuillin Ridge 12km/7.5miles - 3050m/10,000ft
Total Distance = 425km/264miles; Total Ascent = 25907m/84996ft

If you want to help cheer Steve up, how about popping over to make a “chin-up” donation on behalf of Marie Curie Cancer care?

Hope you're recovering with no complications Steve/Don


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