Friday, July 20

An unwanted walk along the M3; And a positive result

A quick trip to London today to celebrate a family graduation after some very hard graft alongside normal work/life. I wouldn't normally blog about this element of my personal affairs as I don't think it's that interesting except for those who know us, and even then its of minimal entertainment value.

But in this case, an exception.

We drove through some truly horrendous weather that wouldn't have been out of place on some of my Lakeland fell top trips. But despite that we arrived on time, and even better, the ceremonial affairs finished early leaving the family to enjoy a long thunder storm lashed walk back to the car, and then a quick blast back down the motorway for some quality time with the family at home.
A particular treat as it was the eldest's birthday, and a rare occasion to all be together for any length of time, these days, as the kids develop their own adult lives. As is the proper way of course.

Instead of which...........our Fri afternoon was spent by the side of the M3 waiting for a recovery vehicle and listening to the "all vehicles are picking cars out of the floods" from the car rescue agency whilst sunbathing in brilliant sunshine. Perverse.
I understood the problem; I had the tools; But one stubborn nut prevented the 20 minute fix so that we could be on our way; And no, that nut wasn't me (for a change)

So today's trip report:

Route: ....................M3 verge (somewhere between Junction 2 &3, behind the barrier)

Food/fluid intake: ..Nil between 07:00 and 17:30 (parched!)
Distance:.................100-200 m; Short paces, back and forth besides a very naughty car.
Comments: .............Superb spot for getting a tan; Not recommend as a wildcamp spot - no water and noisy.

But as a family outing, one we'll certainly remember. And and reminder of how strong and positive a family unit we are when the toast falls the buttered side down.

As it sometimes may.


Peaks bagged: Hard Shoulder (somewhere in the Langdales?)and M3 (somewhere near K2?)
Nooo - still paying for the aftermathof car repairs. All because some bodger overtightened the security bolts
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